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About the Institute

Bhaatkhande Sangit Vidyalaya, a voluntary Cultural Organisation, devoted to the cause of Indian Classical Music came into being on 4th August 1939 at Rangoon Burma. Soon after the World War II, the Institution found itself handicapped in its working due to the conditions created by World War II. And had to shift its activities to India in 1942. Facing innumerable initial difficulties to get a footing, the Institution re-established itself in New Delhi. With plenty to do towards its own objectives, the institution was never found lacking in contributing its best whenever came an occasion for serving a national cause or a religious one. Bhaatkhande Sangit Vidylaya is a registered society & is affiliated to Bhatkhande Sangit Vidyapith, Lucknow. The Institution is an established examination centre of the Vidyapith & conducts 5-year degree course examinations in Vocal Music, Instrumental Music & Kathak Dance. In pursuit of its aims & objects, the Institution runs its teaching centre at B-6 Qutub Institutional Area , New Delhi and in DLF IV Gurgaon.

The Vidylaya conducts classes for all age groups and has designed various flexi modules to make Performing arts accessible to a larger audience. The Vidyalaya offers individual classes, Duet classes, Group classes & weekend classes according to the preference of the Students. Apart from conducting classes at its Centres, the Vidyalaya has recently come up with a Vocational Plan to provide quality and fundamental training to the young generation. Under this Programme Vidayalya sends its qualified faculty members to Various Institutes to conduct classes in Hindustani Classical Vocal Music, Instrumental Music & Kathak Dance in their premises itself.

The Vidyalaya also has to its credit lot of students who have made us proud to name a few
  • Gursewak Mann (pop singer)
  • Neeti Mohan (Band member in the Channel V band “Aasma”)
  • Anita Singhvi (Ghazal Singer)
  • Saumya Swaminathan (Winner of Spic Macay Guru Shishya Paramapara workshop (under 18 yrs category)
Various Institutes supported this efforts of ours, to name a few :
  • Sanskriti School
  • D.P.S. International School
  • Blue Bells School
  • Shriram School (DLF III & IV)
  • Heritage School
  • Gargi College
  • Jesus & Mary College
  • I.I.T. Delhi

The Vidyalaya is currently headed by the Director and Principal Mr. Vinod Kumar, who himself is a well trained Vocalist. He’s performed worldwide, the most recent one being in Canada. He is a part of the Advisory Committees of Various Esteemed & Premiere Institutes. Under his able guidance the students are able to perform and learn as never before . He can correctly be called Mentor of the Vidyalya. Though a Vocalist , he is well versed in playing Tabla, Keyboard , Guitar , Pakhawaj etc .He has been performing since the age of 13 yrs. With over 40 years of experience in the Performing arts field he surely is the Perfect teacher one can think of. He is however complemented by extremely sincere and talented Faculty Members which make it possible for the Vidyalaya to reach out and achieve its goal of Propagating Performing Arts .