The Vidyalaya has been harnessed by generations of a family dedicated to the cause of Music It was established in 1939 in Rangoon, Burma by Late Shri N.N. Chopra. After his demise in 1993, his son, Shri Vinod Kumar Chopra, Present Director & Principal, carried on the legacy. Vinod Kumar is a renowned name in the music circles of the country. A Vadya Visharad (B Mus in instrumental) and a Sangit Visharad (B Mus in vocal) from Bhaatkhande Sangit Vidyapeeth, Lucknow, Vinod Kumar was inducted into music at an early age of five.

Shri. Vinod Kumar has performed worldwide, with the most recent one being in Canada. He is a part of the Advisory Committees of Various Esteemed & Premiere Institutes. Under his able guidance the students are able to perform and learn as never before. He can correctly be called Mentor of the Vidyalaya. Though a Vocalist, he is well versed in playing Tabla, Keyboard, Guitar, Pakhawaj etc. With over 40 years of experience in the Performing arts field, he surely is the Perfect teacher one can think of.

Shri Vinod Kumar is supported in his efforts by his daughter-trio – Pooja Gupta, Deepa Chopra & Neetu Chopra. Devoting all their might to keep pace with time, the Chopras have introduced innovative styles of imparting quality training to their students. Pooja Gupta herself is an ICCR empanelled artiste. She’s introduced various modules for music therapy for differently-abled children at the Vidyalaya. She’s presently in Melbourne & has opened a branch of Bhaatkhande in Melbourne, Australia, under the name “RAAGAS”.

Deepa Chopra takes care of the Vidyalaya operations in Delhi. She specializes in training children as young as 21/2 – 3 years of age & also differently-abled children. Neetu Chopra, a National Scholarship holder in Tabla, is the youngest of the Trio. She is also an ICCR empanelled Tabla Artiste. She’s given various performances in Delhi. She takes care of the Instrumental Department at the Vidyalaya.