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It’s been a great experience. We have seen Advait develop a keen interest in vocal singing and music too. Tanusree maam is always been supportive. Advait is comfortable with his music lessons . It takes me an effort to get him out of the class.

Mrs Aprajita Bharadwaj


My both children have been learning at the Vidyalaya since last 4 yrs. It’s been a great journey. The Children have not only gain knowledge but also a lot of confidence. The teachers in the able guidance of guruji provide a happy and safe environment conclusive of good learning.

Mrs. Tanu Narain


We have been associated with the Vidyalaya for the last 10 yrs. We have witnessed sincere Efforts made by the Vidyalaya to promote our cultural heritage of classical music and dance in young children. It’s a great feet that children from the age group as young as four join and teachers are able to keep them motivated and interested. This couldn’t be achieved without dedication.

Mrs. Taran Diesh


I’ve had wonderful Experience learning at the Vidyalaya. Had the experience to learn about classical music in a very good family environment. The Teacher is quite encouraging and realistic . We had exposure to singing in front of audiences at the annual programme.

Mrs. Sangeeta Arora


We have had very Positive experience with the Vidyalaya. We got to learn the finer nuances of music from Sir in a that is easy and enjoyable

Vikas Aggarwal & Reema Aggarwal


My daughter, Gauri, loves to come here. As a child, I see her inclined to music. She seems to be always singing one or the other thing. At the age of 5, her favourite pastime is to dance along with singing. Even when she is with her friends, in the mid intervals she could be seen singing and dancing.

Mrs. Seema Paliwal


I’ve been learning Vocal music at the Vidyalaya for the last 3 yrs. Excellent teaching and pedagogy .No other music school covers Ragas in depth like we are taught here.

Vijayendra Dwari


We have a special needs child whose learning vocal music at the Vidyalaya. It is not an easy task to teach such children. It requires a lot of patience from teacher as the process of teaching such kids can be very stressful at times. We have been lucky to get a teacher who not only understands the child’s problem but also tries her the best effort for his learning. So we can say that our experience has been wonderful with the Vidyalaya.

Mr. Dhiraj Shukla


Our experience has been very good. The institute is exactly the kind of place we had in mind when we were considering options for Anushka to learn Hindustani (classical) music. The teacher is very child friendly, encouraging and knows exactly how to deal with each child. I think if Anushka continues learning music in the long term, she will go a long way. Thanks to Bhaatkhande Sangit Vidyalaya.

Mrs. Upasana Agarwala


It has been an extremely enriching and satisfying experience. The Vidyalaya brings out the best of talent in the child & also builds their confidence. There is the right amount of emphasis on classical, traditional music and it is taught in a very interesting manner

Dr. (Mrs) Monica Mahajan